The Not My Job segment of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! aired March 6, 2021 featured Jordan Jonas, the winner of the sixth season of Alone, a reality show “in which people with advanced survival skills are dropped into the wilderness with limited supplies and the one who lasts the longest wins half a million dollars.”

The host, Peter Sagal, asks him how to stay alone and survive on your own in solitary, and whether Jonas had any tips for being alone most of the day.

Jonas answered:

“you want to keep busy doing productive things, and not sit there and just wallow in your loneliness. Not having a lot of skeletons in your closet helps so youre not sitting there thinking about all the regrets and things you should have done. Having good relationships so you that you know even if youre separated for a while you can come back and pick things right back up. Those are a few things to work out kind of before you find yourself in a situation where youre alone for a long while.” (timecode 24 minutes)

Similar recipe for grief recovery.

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