In Netflix’s film, The Last Letter From Your Lover, Felicity Jone’s character shares her thoughts saying:

The past can be intoxicating.

It can draw you  in,

create the illusion that things were better, you were happier

or experiences were richer back then.


It can also debilitate you

leaving you stuck in your memories of pain, heartbreak, and disappointment,

holding you back from even attempting another shot at happiness.


They say if we don’t learn from past mistakes,

we’re bound to repeat them.


But can we also learn to let go of the past,

learn to forge ahead keeping the knowledge close

but not letting it overtake our ability to try again, to feel again?

[timecode 15:50 left to the end]

YES! YES! (this is not an attempt to mimic Sally in the diner in “When Harry Met Sally” but hey! who am I to stop you from imagining that if that’s where you headed!)

Yes we can let go of the past… to feel again.

It’s called the Grief Recovery Method.

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