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Grief is hard to handle, whether it be from a medical diagnosis (yours or theirs), a death, a divorce or any of the 40+ other losses we experience in one lifetime.

Good Grief! Is there such a thing?

There is an evidence-based way to get grief relief, tested around the world for more than 20 years.  

The Grief Recovery Institute and its handbook state that  

“the best and most natural way to process the feelings of loss is to express that emotional pain: to put voice to it.” 

(Which sound is louder — the haunted-house-style laughter or the silence covered up by crickets, owls, and mourning doves?)

Yeah, I get it. Putting a voice to our emotions, especially the heavy ones, is easier said than done. I agree!

Do you seek help for your loss and grief by

learning how to explore your feelings, and moving ahead …

being free of resentment, or

being free of wishes for a different or better yesterday, or

being free of dreams and hopes for a future you expected to happen ?

Few of us do. 

I didn’t. For a long time, I didn’t even know grief relief was possible. (Check out my grief story here)

The Grief Recovery Method® can get you there. I can guide you through.

There are over 40 losses we can experience in a lifetime. We can’t avoid grief, no matter how hard we try. Grief just accumulates and waits.

Check out the “Loss Counter” (see below)  to identify the ones you’ve endured so far. Did you expect that there were that many? 

The significant emotional loss 



(divorce, diagnosis, death, displacement, and there are others that don’t start with “d”) 



(loss of trust, safety, autonomy, creativity, health, security, youth and the list goes on and on and on and on)

is a life-changing event. And more often than not, we didn’t ask or plan for it, which makes grief feel even worse.

Few of us are prepared to deal with loss & grief in a way that doesn’t hurt ourselves and quite possibly others. 

In a life marked with more loss than gain, you just “can’t get there from here.” 

A heavy or broken heart nowhere near the mend can lead you a’wandering through life, circling round and round same ol’ same ol’ and exhausted by the weight of unfinished emotional stuff you’re dragging with you.  

Has grief gotten you weighed down? Have you lost your luster, your joie de vivre?  

If you are carrying accumulated grief, you may find yourself challenged by irritability, anger, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and the list goes on. See a full list here in FAQs

The Dark Side of Grief 

Few of us know what to do, what to say, how to be. 

That is why grief is so scary. We’re in the dark!

Some of us deal (or not) with heart-y emotions and feelings by getting into our heads and thinking it over (and over and over). (A couple “r” words describe this activity accurately:  resentment, ruminating.)

Some of us busy ourselves with doing something (anything!) about it, because being stuck/still with the feelings seems like the worst idea. 

To Do or To Don’t? That is the question:  “Don’t feel bad”  & “Be strong for others”

When you’re suffering, have you ever felt like you’re expected to act strong, and pretend you’re “fine?” We separate ourselves from our feelings. With practice we deny them.  For some of us, being alone in isolation appears to make things easier than pretending. These strategies do nothing to release the pain. Grief waits for you to deal with it. Unattended grief accumulates (and it keeps score really well). 

To Do or To Don’t? That is the Question:  “Replace the loss”

Ever slyly ignored your feelings by getting busy with a shiny new something?  Ever replaced feeling the feelings with exercise, alcohol, meditation, food, sleep, shopping, cleaning and organizing, or any other? A new relationship perhaps? A bazillion other people have! 

These replacements are not “bad.” They are also not effective solutions for getting through grief. Grief continues to wait for you to deal with it. Unattended grief continues to accumulate. 

To Do or To Don’t? That is the Question:  Believe that time will heal your pain 

Time will not heal your pain. Your actions heal your pain. 

Grief will accumulate and wait for you to deal with it, no matter how long it takes for you to let go of the different/better yesterday and the future you had expected, hoped for, or dreamed of. There is a method to this madness of completing grief, and I can guide you through.   

Being burdened by the weight of accumulated grief robs us of our fond memories and good times because they cannot get past all our unresolved pain and suffering.

You can find your way through grief to reach relief, and enjoy the rest of your life’s journey. 

Good Grief is knowing what to do, and how to do it each time a new loss shows up in your life (or an old one rears its ugly head!). Not only does this 8 week training  provide you a skill to deal well with your own lifetime of losses, but also offers you practice to be present with someone else who is grieving.  

Learn the method and apply it on a few of your significant emotional losses, in small group or one-to-one format. Learn it once and apply it on demand for the rest of your life, and you will have empowered yourself to live in the present, in-lightened up and ready to rock what comes. 


Grief and Loss aren’t what hurt you.

Not finding your way through it – 

in a manner that lightens your heart so that you can enjoy your life’s

journey moving forward no matter what comes at you

– that is what hurts you.

See another way through. Let me show you how. Shall we get started?

IN-LIGHTEN Your Self – Start off your Grief Recovery by counting your losses. 

See your losses first, then pick out the heaviest ones weighing you down, and you will be ready to lighten up.

Pick the flowy loss counter if you like to flow this way and that and draw cirlces.

Loss Counter Tool: Flowy Version


Pick the linear loss counter if you like rows and columns, check and balances.

Loss Counter Tool: Linear Version

INSIGHT – See another way.

See how you may have been groomed (don’t take it personally, it happens) to feel helpless and stoic regarding your losses. Learn the way to see loss *and* feel into the resources inside that guide you through and forward.

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