The sooner you get through grief to relief 

by completing your relationship(s) 

to the someone or something that you lost, 

the sooner you stop dragging

the past into your present and 

thereby sabotaging your future.

Grief Support Services for

Individuals and

Groups at the Workplace or in Community


Learn your way through grief toward relief, and apply the life skill as often as needed through a lifetime of [un]/predictable and [in]/evitable loss. Learn it once, apply and repeat when necessary.

Loss is an end or change in a familar pattern and it happens again and again over a lifetime, yet we receive little to no training in how to respond to it, even though it is guaranteed to happen and sure to cause pain and disruption.

~The Grief Recovery Method Handbook

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Group Weekly Sessions

open to  the public

contact me to join waitlist

10 weeks / 2 hours / Zoom


The Grief Recovery Method® training can be an integral and effective part of your employee or community wellness program. Book a call or email me to discuss customized options and pricing. 

Private Weekly Sessions

limited to 1 to 3 people

10 weeks / 60 to 90 mins / Zoom


Add-on for GRM® Graduates who want continued guidance

3 weeks / 45-60 min / Zoom


I really enjoyed CMA’s way of making contact with each participant. She was very present even though this was an online class.

I am very grateful to have been able to attend this class. A heavy load on my shoulders has been lifted

The way we dig into our own losses and past to apply a powerful method to learn how to grieve in a healthy way is impressive and very helpful. We’ve learned so much in just weeks, it’s impressive!

This method gives us the capacity to identify grief, and understand for ourselves and others how better to deal with grief.

This woman-owned small business operates in the never-ceded Nisenan homelands in the Sierra Nevada. I am a donor of the Ancestral Homelands Reciprocity Project, which uplifts the original peoples of this land and supports their efforts towards federal recognition.

IN-LIGHTEN Your Self – Start off your Grief Recovery by counting your losses. 

See your losses first, then pick out the heaviest ones weighing you down, and you will be ready to lighten up.

Pick the flowy loss counter if you like to flow this way and that and draw cirlces.

Loss Counter Tool: Flowy Version

Pick the linear loss counter if you like rows and columns, check and balances.

Loss Counter Tool: Linear Version

INSIGHT – See another way.

See how you may have been groomed (don’t take it personally, it happens) to feel helpless and stoic regarding your losses. Learn the way to see loss *and* feel into the resources inside that guide you through and forward.

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