Grief and the Holidaze

Grief and the Holidaze

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas, and when Christmas Time is Here, it can be very hard for some folks. Whether you are Driving Home for Christmas, flying somewhere, or staying put, you are bound to notice Christmas Lights everywhere, lighting the way for...

Dying of a broken heart

Dying of a broken heart

An article in the July 23, 2021 issue of The Week magazine states that "it's well established that people really can die from a broken heart" and that it occurs when a physical or emotional shock, such as a bereavement, cases a spike in adrenaline is mainly seen in...

I live to learn. Count on me to look at grief like Rubik’s cube, see it from all sides, and shed the light on what it invites us to call out and call in. 

Join me in seeing another way to reach a bearable lightness of being. 


IN-LIGHTEN Your Self – Start off your Grief Recovery by counting your losses. 

See your losses first, then pick out the heaviest ones weighing you down, and you will be ready to lighten up.

Pick the flowy loss counter if you like to flow this way and that and draw cirlces.

Loss Counter Tool: Flowy Version

Pick the linear loss counter if you like rows and columns, check and balances.

Loss Counter Tool: Linear Version

INSIGHT – See another way.

See how you may have been groomed (don’t take it personally, it happens) to feel helpless and stoic regarding your losses. Learn the way to see loss *and* feel into the resources inside that guide you through and forward.

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