Grief Recovery Course One-to-One


The Grief Recovery Method is taught one-to-one for 9 weeks, with sessions of 60-75 minutes, scheduled at mutually convenient times.


Traveling Solo?

Well, not quite. I will be alongside you throughout your journey through grief to relief.

If you choose to accept this mission, to journey through your lifetime of losses to unload the heaviness of grief so you can lighten up and enjoy what life has to offer you around the bend… then you are making a solid long-term investment in your Self.

Learn this once, and you have gained a lifelong skill, available on demand to address old and new losses experienced over a lifetime.


Details about the Grief Recovery Method course:

We meet for 9 weeks, for 60-75 minutes each time, via Zoom.

We begin by scheduling all nine weeks in advance, and I send you a Grief Recovery handbook, which you’ll be reading as we go through the method step-by-step.


After each weekly call you receive a homework assignment:

Plan for at least an hour to work on the assignment. Many participants have chosen to dedicate more time to the weekly exercises. This is entirely your choice, and your efforts are directly related to your outcome, just like any other trek you make in life.


There is homework before our first class even!

As the weeks progress, there will be less reading and more writing down your thoughts as they pertain to each week’s assignment.


If you decide to participate, you agree to the following course parameters:

  • Attend all nine weekly classes. Of course, if something happens and we have to recschedule a session, we’ll deal. Rescheduling more than once, however, is not recommended because momentum can wane and make it harder to stay on track.
  • Complete the weekly reading and homework assignments. Grief recovery is about completing a specific series of action-oriented steps, from beginning to end, just like any other trek where you’ve got your heart set on reaching that summit where you can finally see things in a whole new way.
  • Confidentiality, Emotional Honesty, and Individuality. We’ll get into these in more detail during the course. This course adheres to honoring the presence and transformation of each person from the “insight out,” and that each individual can share their own personal experience and not judge, analyze or criticize the experiences of others.


Are you ready to join in and learn the lifelong skill of grief recovery?

If you prefer, there is an option to learn the Grief Recovery Method in a group format with me as your guide. The next group course may be in February, if enough people sign up. If you prefer to learn as a member of a group, pick your preferred time slot(s) for the upcoming course on Tuesdays, February 22 through April 26, 2022.

I am honored to be your Trek Mate as you journey through grief to relief.

CMA Medeiros

Visit the About Page on my website to learn more about the Grief Recovery Method, and about me!