3 week Add-on for GRM Graduates




You have completed the Grief Recovery Method®.


You DID it!  I acknowledge and applaud your persistence to walk through a series of specific action choices to get through grief to relief, and to arrive where you are, inlightened from the insight out, is profound.

And now you know that good grief does indeed rock, just like YOU.

Are you ready for another round, putting your tools to practice and honing this life skill of yours?

What other relationship has the emotional burdens of wishing/hoping/dreaming/expecting that

someone or something had been or will be different/better/more…

… and you know in your heart that there is little or no chance of it happening the way you want?

There is grief there, and you now know how to get a grip on grief instead of grief getting a grip on you.

Together we go through the Grief Recovery Method® one step at a time, from Relationship Graph to Recovery Components to Completion Letter. I’m here to support you, ensure you stay on track (or trail), offer guidance and answer questions along the way.

3 sessions / 1 per week / up to 60 minutes