The Grief Recovery Institute has been researching grief for over 20 years, and built the design of the Grief Recovery Method based on that research. This download will explain

Grief 101

  • what is grief?
  • kinds of losses (you may be well familiar with)
  • the band aids we use for grief that don’t work (misinformation)
  • what to look out for if you’re carrying too much grief
  • how accumulated grief wreaks havoc on a person (and their peeps too)
  • common complaints of grievers


Tips about grief and relief

  • typical responses associated with grief
  • de-bunking how to deal with grief in a society that avoids vulnerability, emotions, and other crucial “soft” skills that are tougher to learn than “hard” skills if you ask me!
  • helpful things to say to someone grieving (hint: it’s not “don’t cry” or yeah, something similar happened to me so I know how you feel”)
  • what grief recovery looks like!


Download and takeaway. Shed some light on grief and grief recovery. GriefDemystified

There is another way to grieving that doesn’t weigh you down and have you shirk away from what is to come around the bend.

Sign up for the course and learn the method. Nine 2-hour weekly sessions in group, or nine 60-75 minute weekly sessions one-to-one to learn a lifelong skill; to learn that good grief rocks.

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